Boscastle Language School
121 Pengelly
PL33 9AT, UK

Landline: 01840 211561
Mobile: 07943 719855


Valency Valley


Courses at Boscastle Language School include English grammar, vocabulary, modern expressions, verb forms, conversation, listening skills, reading comprehension and writing skills.

All Coursebooks are provided. Lessons are based on a personal study programme, prepared with your teacher when you are in Cornwall. All lessons are professional but relaxed. Certificates can be awarded, based on Oxford University and other examinations.

Introductions to local people allow you to practise spoken English in the evenings with native speakers. Students are introduced to the community and participate in Cornish life, as social English is an important part of the Course.

Courses are for students of Low-Intermediate to Advanced levels of English and you can study General English Language, Business English or Conversation & Culture. Or specialist subjects like English literature, FCE and other examinations, Occupations like Law, Marketing, Media studies etc.

Accommodation arranged. Learn English and be part of the happy lifestyle of a traditional Cornish community: Beautiful scenery, friendly people and a unique learning experience.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing courses are available. Chris Johnson is the author of 4 books of short stories.


Lessons are in hourly units, usually a minimum of 15 hours per week.

1-to-1 Individual lessons @ £15 - £20 per hour.
Group lessons @ £12.50 per student per hour.

Chris and Friends

Stay in a local B&B or Guest House approved by the school.


Our transport will collect you from Newquay Airport or Bodmin Parkway Rail Station @ £50.00 Return.
Long distance transfer from Bristol or London by taxi on request.