Boscastle Language School
121 Pengelly
PL33 9AT, UK

Landline: 01840 211561
Mobile: 07943 719855


Valency Valley

Language School
The best way to learn English is to study with an experienced EFL teacher and make friends with native speakers.

Boscastle Language School is a small, personal English language school, now situated in Delabole, near the picturesque fishing village of Boscastle on the wild North Cornwall coast and established since 1997. We are the No.1 independent EFL language school in Cornwall.

Learn while you tour Cornwall's attractions, with an experienced teacher. Complete tour and accommodation forex trading demo packages available. Please visit our Language Tours page.


Individual and small group lessons in a relaxed and professional atmosphere, with personal study programmes to meet your language-learning needs.


One of the UK's most popular tourist destinations, North Cornwall offers stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, magnificent coast and river walks and evening leisure activities.


As part of the Course, students join in the daily life of the community and can practise social English skills with our friends.